Cloud-based PBX solution to boost your company.

Businesses can grow and go global. Professionals can work anytime, anywhere, using any device. Calls, calls and more calls. We need productivity tools in our communications. That’s why our virtual PBX is so important, it’s the solution that takes every conversation to the cloud, giving you unlimited possibilities as well as maximum freedom and reliability in your communications.

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Everything you could want from a telephone system.

An intelligent system delivers efficiency and high performance. We’re committed to efficiency, which is why we’ve developed advanced telephony features. We take communications technology to its limits and make it accessible to all companies through the cloud. This is innovation and added value.

At NextGenSwtich we offer a suite of advanced telephony features to ensure that your PBX meets your demands. So you can have the efficient,versatile and powerful communication tool that’s vital for your business.

  • Flexible configuration
  • Virtual assistant
  • Call forwarding and voicemail
  • Secure communications
Flexible and Scalable

In the cloud: Hassle-free.

A control panel accessible on any device, anytime, anywhere. At NextGenSwitch we have an easy-to-manage, intelligent platform to keep your PBX monitored at all times, with all the advantages of the cloud.

Configure the services yourself.

Nobody knows what your business needs better than you do. Adapt your PBX to the functionality your business needs at any given moment.

Detailed statistics for your lines.

Every call is a source of information. Let your PBX do the work for you. Get the reports you need for monitoring and analyzing calls through multiple segmentation parameters.

Multi-device access

The control panel is available on all devices. Computer, tablet or mobile phone: whichever screen you prefer,whenever you choose.

About Virtual PBX.

Add intelligence to your company’s voice.

At NextGenSwitch we have developed a virtual PBX for easier, more flexible and faster call management. On any device, anywhere. An optimized service for receiving, forwarding and managing fixed and mobile calls with advanced features and no limitations. As easy as talking on the phone, but now with cloud-based technology that enables you to focus on what’s really important: speaking with your colleagues. And all While making savings of up to 80% on your calls.

Key feature of NextGenSwitch virtual PBX.

Enable a cloud-based communication system to reach all your customers in the quickest possible way.

Automatic Call Distribution(ACD).

The call distribution is organized based on the date, day of the week, and time of day.

Call limits.

The system allows for the configuration of parameters such as maximum call duration, simultaneous call limits, and restrictions on calls based on their source, including mobile phones and international origins.

Call queueing.

Recipients are determined based on surpassing the queue size and maximum wait time, accompanied by a wait reminder message; users can exit the queue upon request, and there is also an automatic call-back option available.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

The system features a selection menu, recipient identification based on numbers dialed by users, voice recognition utilizing keywords, automatic surveys conducted at the conclusion of calls, and voice recognition with natural language processing capabilities.


Call transfer options include direct transfers, transfers assisted by an assistant, and internal transfers that are free of charge.

Call forwarding.

The phone system incorporates call forwarding in cases of both busyness or unanswered calls, provides call forwarding upon rejection, and includes a virtual voicemail feature.


Online voice-over management. Whisper (voice-over with information from received calls).

Call recording.

Call recording (by default and on demand). Online call listening.

IP extensions.

Multiple call identifier. Three-way conferences. Extension status indicators. Call pickup.“Do not disturb” feature.WebRTC.

Easy to access Spreadsheet.

Use an easy spreadsheet to create call lists. Get easy to read results in real-time.

Costs under control.

Analyses calls and control your costs via the statistics module. Internal communications are free.

Accelerate Sales and Collections

By automating your calling process, your sales can experience an unprecedented jump! Make more calls in less time and expect improved lead to conversion rate and accelerated sales.

Next Generation Switch Virtual PBX

Highlights of Our Service?

Unlimited capacity

Don’t put limits on your growth. Add or remove as many fixed and mobile extensions as you need, wherever you are.

Office and mobility

Always-on philosophy. Let your teams stay connected with PBX extensions for IP phones, computers, tablets or smartphones.

Cloud service

All the advantages of the cloud: flexibility, speed and efficiency. The online control panel provides easy management.