Next generation PBX Solution.

Communication plays an integral part in any organization’s success today, so imagine having access to a system that not only connects your company to its target market but also understands, adapts, and enhances customer and partner interactions; that is the power of our AI PBX.

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What is an AI PBX Solution?

Artificial Intelligence has completely changed our traditional view of customer service. Customer service has done a complete 180º thanks to chatbots that integrate artificial intelligence. It is no longer just about receiving questions and providing answers. Advances in artificial intelligence, conversational chatbots, and self-service has provided the best customer service experience known to date. The ability to process natural language and machine learning makes it possible for chatbots to work better. The more information these chabots receive, the better they are at detecting user behavior. That is why we are here to tell you all about the advantages of combining AI (Artificial Intelligence) with your virtual PBX phone service or customer service software

Our Key Features


Artificial Intelligence-Powered Virtual Assistant

Our AI PBX goes far beyond being just another receptionist: it acts like an intelligent virtual assistant that learns with each interaction – answering calls intelligently while routing calls intelligently as well as scheduling appointments to take customer service to new heights!


Multichannel Communication

In today’s multichannel world, our solution provides you with a tool to efficiently manage calls, emails, chat, and social media messages on one centralized platform – so your customers are always reachable no matter where they may be located.


Auto Call Distribution (ACD)

Whilst automated call distribution can help your team members take calls more effectively while decreasing wait times and improving customer satisfaction, ACD does more.


Call Recording and Analytics

Every call offers insight into customer behavior and agent performance – providing data-driven ways of improving both. With AI-powered call recording and analytics solutions in place, these insights become even more actionable and insightful than before.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Menus

Create personalized IVR menus to direct callers directly to the right department or information, creating an excellent customer journey experience.


CRM Integration

for optimal Customer Relationship Management results, seamlessly connecting your AI PBX to popular CRM software can equip agents with critical customer info while they make calls – thus strengthening customer relations and clientele relationships.


Call Routing and Forwarding

Each call can be routed exactly where it belongs – to an employee in the office, or someone working remotely, ensuring the most suitable individual handles each one.


Real-Time Call Monitoring and Whisper Coaching

Supervisors can monitor calls live while whisper coaching agents without disrupting customer calls; this ensures consistently superior service delivery for each call.


Cloud-Based Virtual PBX Phone Systems

Cloud based PBX or Virtual PBX system is an ideal Inbound/Outbound calling solution for offices. It eliminates the need for costly hardware and maintenance costs. It provides the same call routing and management features of an on-premises PBX without the need for expensive hardware. Cloud PBX is hosted in secure, remote data centers and is delivered through the internet.

Why *astTECS AI PBX for Corporates?

  1. Call team extension with AI voice assistant.
  2. Make an announcement with a voice command.
  3. Personalised customer greetings with voice recognition
  4. Call analytics for every call
  5. Intelligent call routing.
  6. AI assistant for HR policies.
Our Key Benefits

Add efficiency to your enterprise communication using AI-PBX Solutions.


Improved Customer Experience

*astTECS AI PBX offers superior levels of customer service by automating routine tasks, shortening wait times and routing calls directly to their intended recipients or departments.


Improved Agent Performance

Real-time call monitoring and coaching provide your agents with an opportunity to showcase their best performance.


Cost Savings

Reduce call center staff with AI-powered virtual assistants and automated features for cost savings.


Efficiency Improvements

AI-powered call handling, recording, and analytics make this solution time and resource-saving while freeing you up to focus on core business activities.


Streamlined Communication

tilizing one centralized platform, streamline all forms of corporate communications for maximum consistency and effectiveness.


Data-Driven Decision Making

Utilizing call analytics allows for informed, data-driven decision-making that enhances service quality and optimizes business processes.



Campaign Scheduling

Customizing campaigns to simultaneously monitor and operate multiple broadcasting campaigns as per your business requirements.


Reports & Analytics

KPIs and daily call reports track performance, the total number of calls, and customers to make well-informed decisions.


DNC Lists

“Do Not Call” filter allows you to automatically skip numbers that you do not want to call while dialling your list of contacts.