WooCommerce plugin for Multi Locations stock management  Solution.

WooCommerce Multi Location Management plugin provide location wise store management with separated inventory for each locations.

Our plugin designed for WooCommerce based ecommerce stores who provide location wise different stores management facility . Customer can choose a nearest location automatically and ship products from nearest locations . Customers can choose a location when enter their site. And product inventory will be show based on customers choose location. Product availability will be based on customers chosen location.

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Location Pickup

Choose nearest location before start purchase

Location Marker

Location Selected for purchase

Stock avaiibility

Show avaibility based on Chosen location.

Shipping selector

Choose shipping based on choosen location

Location Management

Add/modify location in admin side

Shipping zone

Specify shipping method for each location

Set Stock Quantity

Set quantity for products in each location separately

Update Stocks

Update products stock easily from popup.

Order Management

Show orders for each location.

Location Inventory Manager

Manage inventory for each location like spreadsheet

Assign Location Manager for specific location

Location manager can be assigned for a specific location for filtering orders and inventory

Other Features

  • Backend Mode
  • Enable Default Location
  • Display only in stock product in shop by location

Demo Login Info

URL : https://wcmlms.infosoftbd.com/wp-admin/

username : demo password : 123456

Location Shop Manager Login Info

URL : https://wcmlms.infosoftbd.com/wp-admin/

username : demo2 password : 123456