Voice Marketing Solutions

  • Choose your contact list from the built-in CRM or import any .csv file.
  • Select a pre-recorded audio file.
  • The autodialer will begin to dial your contact list and can make simultaneous calls.
  • Incoming call can be easily forward to a list of contacts to get possible leads.

What is AutoDialer Solutions?

Autodialer solution that will deliver a pre-recorded audio message to a list of contact for voice marketing solutions a low cost.An easy way for any company to use our product and connect with the customer to gain your company goal.

Why choose our solution?

One of the most important features of an autodialer software is the significant increase in agen talk time as compared to a manual dialing scenario.With minimized idle time and improved call connect ratio:

  • More connected calls result in higher customer productivity and improved oprational efficiency.
  • Autodialer minimizing idle time as it ensures only answered calls are routed to the customer.
  • On average,Autodialer saves 7-8 hours per agent per day by removing all the unnecessary time-consuming event from your sales operations.So your agent generate more revenue per unit time.

SMS campaign failed or People not checking their SMS?
"Voice Campaign Success".

Customer review


Md. Najmul Islam Nahid

Its help me to connect my thousand of students and guardians at a single click.


Md.Habibur Rahman

I am greatfull to Autodialer.More than 5 or 6 hours save from my side.


Md.kaji Naim

Thanks Infosoftbd.This is inovative idea for voice marketing.


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Voice Marketing Solutions

Voice Marketing Solutions are used for business communication purpose like a cal center for campaign.

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SMS Marketing Solutions have used business communication purpose for an SMS campaign.

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