Build Multi-tenancy Based E commerce Platform (SAAS)

November 14, 2022

The idea of multi-tenancy is a way to serve multiple customers with the same software.

Multi-tenancy based eCommerce platforms provide a cost-effective solution for small and medium sized enterprises.

They offer the benefits of scalability, flexibility and availability that are not available with single tenant solutions.

How multi-tenancy architecture work ?

Multi-tenancy supports hosting many customers within one environment and reusing common application functionality. Each customer is isolated and invisible to other customers. Customers are separated logically, not geographically; thus, fewer physical resources are needed. Other benefits including simplified security support and cheaper licensing. Fewer time/effort spent on many diverse solutions means greater time/effort devoted to the core solution. Quality wins in this case.

Clcknshop — Multitenancy Based Ecommerce Platform (SAAS)

Clcknshop is a opensource multi-tenancy SAAS based E-Commerce platform similar to Shopify , BigCommerce. Customers can create a Ecommerce site within 5 minutes by just registration. It has a powerful admin panel for managing products, collections, coupons, orders, themes, and much more. This Software has been developed for the people who wants to create an online store which can sell everything. Clcknshop is extremely optimized for giving customers the best purchasing experience.

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Admin Panel:
  • Standard Dashboard Statistics
  • Separate Database for each client
  • Separate contents for each client
  • Showing total sales, payments and dues.
  • Showing the numbers of total orders, processing orders and shipped orders.
  • Showing the total numbers of customers
  • Showing sales graph for last thirty days
  • Showing some Statistics for all time
  • Get all the Orders Information with details data
  • Get all the Pending, Processing, shipped, completed and cancelled orders.
  • Dynamic collection Management
  • Able to create new product
  • Get and manages all the products
  • Advanced Product Settings
  • easy to manage product inventory
  • product reviews management
  • Get and manages all the promotional offers
  • Manages All the Customers
  • Able to create new orders
  • Manages All the orders
  • Handling all the Transaction of the System
  • Manages Shipping Methods, payment method and payment processors.
  • Standard Website Contents Management
  • Able to Configure the smtp server.
  • Easily integrate SMS Gateway.
  • Manage notifications settings.
  • Able to create and manage users.
  • Showing advance reports (Finance, Daily, Customer, Product, Payment)
  • Able to install theme from local and themestore
  • manage and edit themes
  • Easilly manage theme assets
  • Able to integrate facebook and easily generate feed to automatic update product on facebook
  • Manage robots.txt and sitemap
  • Edit Profile and Password Changing System
  • And much more..
User Panel
  • Smart Dashboard Statistics
  • Account information showing
  • Get all the orders information
  • Order Tracking System
  • Password Changing and Recovery System
  • And much more