Auto-Dialer Solution for Call Centers and Marketing Agency

September 8, 2022

An increasing number of businesses are opening up their own contact centers rather than outsourcing. This is primarily due to the reduced cost of cloud-based software auto dialer solutions and their subscription model. The top auto dialer is going to streamline your outreach practices and will also ensure compliance with federal regulations on cold-calling. The days of manual dialing are over. Today, for a contact center to succeed, it’s going to require some form of auto dialing to ensure that agents are maximizing contact time and connecting with customers.

What is an Voice Broadcasting System or Auto Dialer?

An automated calling solution is a process that enables recorded voice interaction with the caller without human intervention. It enables businesses to place concurrent automated outbound call blasts to their target customers.

Auto-dialing adds efficiency because of the fact that your agents will be sequentially dialing through a preexisting list at a steady rate. Voice broadcasting or Auto-Dialer System can do this with just a single click, such as creating a recorded voice file, then uploading it, uploading your contact number list, and then starting a campaign. It is a very simple way to run; there is no need for extra hardware. You must have access to the internet, an IPTSP(IP Telephony number) number, and a server computer.

Thanks to their utility, it’s hard to consider opening a serious call center without first having a capable auto dialer to help your agents outbound efforts. You must find an auto dialer that presents you with all of the features and functionality that your agents will need to convert and improve your customer satisfaction.

How Do Auto Dialers Work?

In order for an auto-dialer to work as a cloud-based call center. All you need is a computer with internet connections. Most of today’s desktop or laptop computer should be more than enough to handle most common usage. For call center that needs hundreds or thousands of simultaneous calls,. It depends on the channel. There must be an active IP telephone number with a channel. This is the basic equipment to create a call center for your company. It can work as a call center and also work as a voice broadcasting service or its also known as voice bulk SMS system.

Starting an auto dialing campaign is as easy as 1-2-3. It’s a very simple way to upload your contact list (an Excel sheet works well), select an audio file, and click “Start” to run the voice broadcasting program. No need to use manual dialing our software will automatically dial the phone numbers in your contact list one after another and play the selected audio file. 

You can play different messages for answering machines, such as press 1 to contact your live agent, press 2 to send SMS via SMS panel through API, and you can set the Auto Dialer program to retry busy lines. If the call goes to missed call after processing a call, it will try to call for a specified period of time. At least it will try to call three times within running campaign period.

The features of Auto-Dialer or Voice Broadcasting Service are as follows:-

=> Cloud based call center
=>Call Forwarding options
=>Auto Dial Time Restriction
=>Campaign Management
=>Easy uploaded contacts List
=>Retry Time Setting
=>Agent-Skill based Dialing

What Can Auto Dialer Software Do?

Voice broadcasting or Cloud based call center is a software used in the Outbound Call center that automatically dials the number from the contact list. Auto-dialer software helps agents to save time and improve their productivity while reducing agent’s idle time. Auto dialers can:

  • Increase dial rates
  • Improve efficiency
  • Allow supervisor monitoring
  • Reduce negative call results (no answers, dial-tones, voicemails)
  • Increase conversion ratios

Voice broadcasting is mostly used in various sector in digital era. Such as –

Political campaign:

Use the voice broadcasting service to reach voters and get your message heard, and use automated telephone polls and surveys to find out what is working for your campaign.

Bill Collection:

Use the voice broadcasting to automatically call people for debt collection with personalized messages. Use a press 1 campaign to connect to an agent or IVR system to resolve payment issues over the phone.

Lead Generation:

Use our voice broadcasting to send promotional information and get more leads. But make sure to check Terms & Conditions.

School Emergency Notifications Calls:

Use the voice broadcasting to call students, teachers, and local communities for emergency situations. Also use it for attendance notifications and lunch-balance notifications.

Weather Alerts:

Use voice broadcasting to notify millions of people about severe weather conditions, such as upcoming flood, or other disasters.

Service Pickup or Delivery Notification:

Use the voice broadcasting to call people for merchant pickup and delivery notifications. Our auto dialing software can be allowing telephone calls be triggered automatically in response to customer actions.

Event Notification:

Use the voice broadcasting to automatically call people for upcoming event notifications, event time changes, road closures, and more.

What Are the Key Features of Auto Dialers?

You must find a solution that meets your business needs. This means that you’ll need to find software that has certain features that will help enhance agent performance and help your center meet important KPIs. These KPIs include handle time, minimized after call work time, occupancy rate, and customer satisfaction. Here are some of the features that the best auto dialer software should include:

Call Forwarding options:

Incoming call can be easily forward to a list of contacts to get possible leads.

Excel File uploaded:

Choose your contact list from the built-in CRM or import any .csv file.

Reports & Analytics:

KPIs and daily call reports track performance, the total number of calls, and customers to make well-informed decisions.

DNC Lists:

“Do Not Call” filter allows you to automatically skip numbers that you do not want to call while dialling your list of contacts.

Simultaneous Calls:

You can send thousands of simultaneous phone calls from a single computer, and view real-time results.

Optimize Target Audience:

Schedule automated calls and SMS as part of the business campaigns to reach your target audience better during the launch of new products.

No Manual Dialing:

Voice Broadcasting Solution implementation means : No More manual dialing. More connected calls results in higher customer productivity and improved operational efficiency.


Save money and time via automated cloud-based outbound calling to notify your customers about new products and services.

Manage Multiple Campaigns:

Run all your campaigns at full throttle Voice Broadcasting Solution enables you to run and manage multiple campaigns with ease.